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Samsung TV- The Smarter Way of Life

After launching the epic range of Galaxy phones, Samsung has come up with a new and better way to life live smarter like never before.

samsung smart tv

The smartphones from various companies has been the part of life for a long time now, but, this is the time for something new. Samsung, leading from the front has launched its smart TV.

Yeah, A smart TV with lots of smart features in it. Samsung TV apps are just incredible in you take a closer look at it. They are just meeting the tagline completely which is “Designed for Today, Built for Tomorrow”.

Samsung smart TV has begun the new war among the technology developers to eventually lead a life which you could dream only.

Here is a brief interaction with this new gadget.

Tech Incisiveness

The thing which is inspiring about this TV is the Samsung smart TV apps allow me to put my phone aside and enjoy it completely yet, don’t cut me through my cyber world.

The Samsung TV apps range from sports to weather, news to gaming, Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Yahoo!Mail and lot more. I can also share my photos, favorite videos, music and everything I like by just one click on AllShare app. Now this is something I’ll call real smart!

samsung tv

Human Interaction

The most likable feature of this smart TV is its gesture control and voice reorganization.

No more remote button pressing to navigate through the TV or finding what is on the corner of my interest. Samsung smart TV apps have just made it dependable to my voice.

The swipe a channel, zooming up a picture, like on Facebook and even adjusting the volume menu can be done with the hand only. Just imagine you need only raise your thumb up to like something on FB. Isn’t it extraordinary!

The face detection makes your TV session secure. All this is possible just because of these Samsung smart TV apps.

Apps and Entertainment

Samsung smart TV is fully loaded with pounds of apps which are categorized on the basis of recently added, most popular and recommended along with the genres like sports, movies and music, latest news, videos, reviews and more.

These Samsung TV apps make me feel using my smartphone on the big screen with better experience.


The Samsung smart TV apps also ensure that you can keep an eye on it from where ever you’re. You can just browse your smart TV screen on your smartphone with the connectivity app available within it.

This can help keep an eye on children as well to make sure that they’re not misusing technology.

Though, I can keep my phone aside while using my TV, but still, if I browse to something on my phone and I liked it, then I can share it via my smart TV irrespective of my place.

So guys, don’t you think that these Samsung smart TV apps are enough to make your life like never before at least for a decade or so. Well, I do.

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