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IPod considered as a substitute of iPhone by its happy users

Whenever you heard the name iPod the things that come into your mind is that of a device which plays your music. Do you remember your iPod doing anything else for that matter, No is the answer. iPod were only meant to dish out music and lighten up and help you relax whenever you want. But these things are work of past now. Your iPod now can perform multiple jobs and you will be amazed by the capability of the iPod now. It now comes with a touchscreen and has so many apps for its users and can almost give competition to the iPhone. The only major difference between iPod and iPhone is that the iPod is not meant for making calls so the hardware and the software both are not prepared that way. But men being men always come out with a substitution and this time also there is a way out for this. You can make calls with the help of Skype and can also send messages. Therefore the call, problem is solved and iPod is as good as iPhone.

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All at one place

If you are going to visit a place which is unknown to you then you can take the help of iPod touch apps and make your travelling a smooth and enjoyable experience. With the help of an app you can get the direction of museums near you and the full travelling guide pointing out all the destinations that you can probably visit. If you have any kid who is under 12 years old then with the help of apps you can make their learning experience a fun thing. They will not run away from study books instead they will love to explore more and more of what is in store for them. A big headache for all users has been the updates of various apps and features but not anymore. iPod has made the updates easy and it gets updated easily. Now without any worry you will be enjoying the latest versions of all the apps.

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Multiple uses of apps

In the world of Androids and iPhone users, the iPod users are also making a mark. They are considering iPod as a substitute for an iPhone and are quite happy with the performance of all the apps for iPod touch. You will get apps for all the categories starting from entertainment, lifestyle, and music of course, then games, social networking and education as well. King of Maths will help you clear your doubt about any problem on Mathematics and other educational tools will guide you through other subjects. It is a well known fact that when we see things we tend to memorize it better than reading the same thing and the apps helps the students do just that.

Using it as a helping hand

You have invited some of your friends over for dinner and you are finding it difficult to decide on the menu then doesn’t worry. The iPod apps available under lifestyle will help you finalize the menu and that too with minimum of effort. Moreover, if you are missing out on your favorite television show, then you can watch them on your iPod just by downloading the apps.

The Options are many and it depends on you that how you utilize them to make your life better.

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