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iPhone 6 : Will Apple Provide Something Different For Users ?

Apple iPhone 6 will be appeared on screen soon with some bigger display and also with big price tag. Experts said that new iPhone 6 will have larger display as they have to compete with their rival in the market Samsung.

iphone 6 concept

There is no pet releasing date for the new smartphone from Apple. It’s not easy to guess the date of release as circumstances changes after some interval of time. If we look at the facts and figures then we will come to know that iphone 6 release date will be after mid of 2014 in month of September because they put their one product on sale for a year. However, for new iphone release date, it’s too long term.

There question arises that what will be the name of the new smartphone by Apple. Will they call it iPhone 6 or anything else? Everyone was off beam at the time of the arrival of new iPad 5 which they named iPad Air instead of iPad 5. The name might be iPhone Air or something similar to that.

iPhone 6 Concepts

There are some features which will be in the upcoming smartphone.

After the release of iOS7 for 5c and 5s, we would expect that in mid of 2014 there will be some releasing date of new iOS8 for the new iPhone6. There is already iPad available in the market with 128GB, so we can have 128GB iPhone6. This will increase the price of the phone but high spending personalities will love that stuff. There is some news that there will be no home button in the phone and Gesture control will possibly included.

The upcoming Smartphone by Apple, iPhone6 concept includes the display of Retina+Sharp IGZO with resolution of full HD 1080p. There are different opinions and rumors about the size of the new iPhone. Some said that size will be 5.7 inch and some said it will be 6.0 inch large display. There are no complex issues about the processor; it will be quad-core A8 to help battery life time. Apple bought sensors for their camera for Sony and this time we will see new 13 mega-pixel sensor which can take up less room without losing the quality of image. There are some rumors that there will be flash with camera in new iPhone.

Wireless charging is still not in use of public yet. Could Apple bring that technology a push or not? Some reports said that Apple is looking for efficient wireless charging and filed a patent. The interesting thing to note is that Apple’s new concept will not only charge one device but can charge multiple ones.

At last, there is one thing for sure that Apple have to work hard on their new smartphone and have to give some flexibilities and facilities to the user because there are many other competitors now in row to compete. There are many people which left Apple iPhone for small display and move forward to the larger display android devices as there are from Samsung and Nexus too.

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