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Interview with Sujoy Dhar, Co-founder of

So we have got a new guy who is from India residing at Kolkata the most popular blogger Sujoy Dhar. While few months ago we have met Sujoy Dhar and taught to learn something to get our readers inspired by him. Sujoy Dhar is a B.COM Hons student who have made his success in this Blogging revolution we are pleased with his performance and hard work that he put in his Website.


Name: Sujoy Dhar


Age: 21


Personal Website :-

Country: India



1. Tell us about yourself?
-I am a student of B.Com Honours , in the beginning of my college I taught to spend my time on starting a website rather than spending my time on gossiping , people love to spend there time but in my case I taught to utilize it and work hard for it !

2. Your blog, and what is it about?
Wide Info is popularly known by Google search engine and been established on 21st February 2012 at night 11 AM.The blog is about the information of all the things that we read in Internet world but not a newspaper.The things which are shared are of some of the best Media sites which are respectable and we give salute to them.

3. Why did you started blogging or writing in the first place? what inspired you?
I am being inspired by my Father who have taught me to grow from a little to bigger and he is the person in my life to take me to the new world of Internet.Basically I was supposed to love Blogger platform but after going 1.5 years experience,I have earned a little money by which I learned to create website and about WordPress and all.So drooped the breath to begin a new life and opened up Wide Info

4. How do you prioritize your day?
I do my basic thing which is first to look for the optimization then research and then the posting.

5. What are the best moments in your blogging career?
The best moment when people started calling me sir sir that was really and awesome to feel great and the next thing is about getting lots of money from the advertisers and the donator.

6. What are your best strategies to get traffic for your blog?
I used to share the links to my friends who have given a best effort in sending my website to top.

7. Which specific tools do you use for blogging?

8. What are the 3 blogs that you love most?

Yet only one i.e

9. What are THREE tips that you could give to a novice blogger?

I would love to tell the bloggers to have patience for success and work hard till six months as treat your baby like a kid and have it to be a mature.

10. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your blogging/ writing career?
I am a poor guy who get pocket money of only 2$ per month for spending 30 days but now I am having 100$ per month for spending the month.

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