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Download Candy Crush Saga Android Game for PC (Window XP/7/8)

Provided that you’re a devotee of Android games, then you’ve surely  listened about Candy Crush Saga for Android, a madly addicting game that strike the android gaming universe as a gale. Truth be told, a game is addicting to the point that it now has in excess of 20 million useres on Facebook alone, and some-more than 60 Million every day clients in general. Candy Crush Saga was additionally a numerous repudiated game on iOS and Android last month, creation it to a third imprint as far as month to month income.


My perspective on Candy Crush Saga is that it can frequently be a disappointing yet a fun and energizing amusement. The goal of the game is that you need to finish your stage by either evacuating the chose shapes, gather soil grown foods to realize a certain measure of focuses or clear the stage with a period limit. They are sure moves in which you can realize to get combos that can bail you wipe out additional confections in the meantime. They are numerous diverse varieties, for example provided that you line up 4 consecutively you get a color Candy that can wipe out a whole push vertically or evenly. There is additionally the Candy shell that can impact a range of 3×3 or 5×5 assuming that you can figure out how to get 2 joined together. They are greatly overwhelming. There is additionally the chocolate sweet that can clear the same hued confection.

This amusement can some of the time be extremely testing some of the time since a few stages require some intellectual competence in which you need to think your direction o get diverse combos for a touch before making a move, I have been stayed on certain levels for quite some time and it can get truly disillusioning. The starting riddles might be simple and require very little mental ability. Then again, as you get further into the recreations the levels and stages beginning from 50 in addition, they come to be more troublesome. I would unequivocally propose this game to astound amusement beaus in light of the fact that it is fun and in addition an exceptional approach to prepare you mind. It truly will get you dependent particularly when you find individuals you know playing it, as you might need to whip their scores and be on a larger amount than them.

Now the game is so famous that frequently people ask for its PC version. Many game devotees have also developed similar candy crush saga download for PC, but they are not worth it. Here are some steps to run it on your PC

androids apps for pc

1. Download Bluestacks Android Emmulator on your PC

2. Install it with all the recommended settings

3.  Give all the credentials required like email ID. Then you will also require your Gmail ID for downloading free apps for android on your PC. There you will also get other top android games.

android apps for pc Candy Crush Saga on bluestacks

4. Download apk file from here or any other site. You have to download candy crush apk and run it using Bluestacks.

5. Now you can successfully run the game.

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