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Interview with Arjun Satheesh, Co-founder of DecideQuick

arjun-decidequickName-> Arjun Satheesh

How old are you?

I’m 19 years old.

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1.Tell us about yourself? 2.What are the ventures you have worked so far? 3.When you started your first venture?

I’m a student entrepreneur. With the dream of starting my own firm right from very young age, I started up right after school, at the age of 17, with a mobile and web development firm: Cedar Info Solution with his schoolmate Varghese George. We created our first product “KeralaMedInfo”, which was a portal for doctors and medical service providers in Kerala. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off very well. However Cedar continues to work on projects on web and mobile space.

In my first year of college, I joined DecideQuick, as an equity partner. I handle management of core logic and processing team of DecideQuick.


4.How do you prioritize your day?

A normal weekday would have almost all the time till 4.30 occupied by college. However I keep myself connected to online communication and deal with all the emails even during that time. From 5.30, our team would have active discussion and meeting till night. And like all entrepreneurs, late night s when a lot of work gets done!
5.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your career?

If things turn out right, I hope to see DecideQuick turning into globally used product with user traction in millions, and us still working to turn the growth more exponential.


6.Your venture, and what is it about?

DecideQuick is a social media decision making tool. helps you make informed decisions faster through social media by gaining from the experiences of others. It aims to help users take a quick decision on purchases of consumer goods, dining, travel, and education. DecideQuick uses sentinel (big data) analysis and a series of cutting edge algorithms to solve user problem; it goes beyond public domain data and also integrates reviews from your friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Today more than three fourth of the consumers search online before making any purchase decision. More than billion opinions are shared daily, of which social networks account for a fifth of the opinions shared. DecideQuick automates the distillation of this mammoth information and comes up with personalized recommendations and opinions, that the user can actually use. The platform has additional features where the users can seek further help or advice from selected friends or public from within the platform to validate a decision. The service is cloud based and free to all consumers. DQ strives to provide quality service by screening out irrelevant conversations and presenting only focused opinions from friends that really matter.


7. What is your most important lesson learned in the journey so far?

The entire entrepreneurial journey that has taught me innumerable things. But the most important thing, the very basic and yet inevitable startup advice, “Never Give Up”. Failures are part and parcel of it. All of us will fail. It’s how we deal with it that matters. Good entrepreneurs recover and don’t give up. The best ones take one more step: they learn from it!

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